6 Tips To Increase Your Home Space

Home is a haven where we seek solace, safety, and a sense of belonging. Therefore, ideally, it should be designed in a way that ensures comfort and makes performing everyday tasks easier. Besides having aesthetical appeal, a comfortable and spacious house contributes to mental well-being, elevates mood, and enhances the overall quality of life. In fact, according to research conducted by Princeton University, having a spacious and clutter-free living environment significantly boosts concentration, increases productivity, and improves overall mental health. In contrast, poor living conditions may adversely impact one’s mental health and well-being.

But how can you achieve a harmonious balance of space and comfort in your home? Well, with some creativity, planning, and diligence, you can transform your house into a place that breathes with ease. In this article, we will offer tips to transform your home into a spacious retreat, so be sure to stick around.

Resort to Storage Units

Storage units play a significant role in making your house look more spacious and clutter-free, as they provide external storage to stow away items that are not used as frequently. These storage units also come in handy while moving to a smaller house, as they are able to store furniture and other large items.

In the US, the trend of renting storage units is quite common. For example, in California, the average available storage space is 5.4 square feet per person. Nestled within the vibrant state is the city of Pacheco, where space optimization has become a part of everyday living.

If you live in Pacheco and want your house to be spacious, look up storage Pacheco CA. Many services offer the extra space you need to increase the space in your home. They provide various storage options and features in which you can keep your belongings. That makes it a perfect choice for anyone worrying about storing extra items that are consuming a lot of space.

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Utilize Under-Bed Storage

The area under your bed is perfect for storing things and keeping your house organized. The best option is to buy multifunctional furniture, which will help you store your belongings more efficiently without taking up much floor space. However, if you want to be economical and don’t have the budget to invest in dual-purpose furniture, you can get containers smartly designed for under-bed storage. These containers make it easier to store your belongings—such as pillows, bed linens, and even duvets—keeping your house clutter-free.

Install Built-In Cabinets

Installing built-in cabinets plays a significant role in increasing the amount of space in your house. Custom-built cupboards make use of every inch of your space, fitting smoothly into corners, between windows, or even under sloping ceilings where freestanding furniture may not work as efficiently. These cabinets are particularly useful in rooms with off-putting layouts or congested spaces. Whether you require more shelving, drawers, or hanging space, you can customize the design to accommodate your needs. Overall, it can be a big help in reducing clutter and creating a spacious environment.

Besides offering practical benefits, built-in cabinets look aesthetically appealing and render a streamlined, minimalist look that enhances one’s sense of spaciousness. Custom-built cabinets could be pricey, but a little investment goes a long way. In addition, if you think getting a customized cabinet is out of your budget, you can always opt for some DIY ideas to install shelves on your own.

Embellish your House with Mirrors

Embellishing your house with mirrors is a simple yet effective strategy to create the illusion of more space. Mirrors reflect light and bounce it around the room. The brightness gives the room a more open and airy feel, making it seem larger than it is. We suggest you place a large mirror opposite a window to maximize the amount of natural light in the room. In a similar manner, you can position mirrors across open areas or interesting visual elements to create depth and enhance the sense of spaciousness.

Moreover, mirrors themselves take up minimal space and can serve dual purposes. For example, a mirrored door on a cupboard can provide full-length reflection without consuming additional wall or floor space. This way, mirrors can help design larger, brighter, and more comfortable spaces.

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Select a Cool Color Combination

Color choice can greatly influence how spacious a room feels. Light colors are the best choice to make your house look brighter and more spacious. The color rule is not exclusive to wall paints only. It also applies to buying a piece of furniture. Therefore, we recommend you go for light-colored furniture pieces to create the illusion of a more open and airy environment. Light-colored furniture blends seamlessly with light walls, minimizing the visual clutter.

Moreover, you should also vouch for light colors for the floor and curtains in order to create a harmonious palette that makes your space welcoming, calm, and spacious. This way, by opting for light colors, you invite brightness and perception of expanded space into your home.

Be a Minimalist

The modern world believes in the less is more mantra. Therefore, you should adopt a minimalist lifestyle to manage space in a better way. Since minimalism focuses on functionality, it encourages you to choose furniture and items that serve the purpose and allows you to declutter unnecessary pieces that take up much space. Additionally, minimalist homes tend to have an immaculate and uncluttered look, making your space feel more open. Likewise, light colors, simple shapes, and unobtrusive furniture also contribute to this effect.

Practicing minimalism will enable you to be mindful of what you bring into your home and determine what items are truly essential in your life. You get a chance to invest in fewer but high-quality items, as these pieces offer better storage solutions and contribute to a calm and collected atmosphere.


Creating a more spacious and clutter-free house ensures a more comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable living environment. By choosing strategic designs, embracing minimalism, opting for light colors, and taking advantage of under-bed storage, you can create a spacious home that will give you the pleasure, comfort, and peace of mind that you have been looking for.