What Is The Mobsynch.Exe?

While running your windows computer have you come across mobsynch.exe anytime? Today I am going to tell you everything about the mobsynch.exe file in this article. You will come to know what is mobsync file, where it can be located, etc. I will explain whether mobsynch.exe is a virus or malware, is there any need to delete the mobsync.exe, and many more. Stay here till last so that you do not miss any important points related to mobsynch.exe.

What Is The Mobsynch.Exe?

The mobsynch.exe is the type of component present in the internet explorer used for mobile synchronization. There is another popular name for mobsynch.exe is the mobsync.exe file. The mob sync is the Microsoft Sync Center synchronization and helps in the process of synchronizing the web pages, documents, files, calendars, emails, notifications, messages, etc in the web browser.

Use Of Mobsynch.Exe

Mobsynch.exe is used for the synchronization of the files available in offline modes. It is used by Microsoft with its Microsoft Sync Center and feature of the Offline Files. This is an application that is integrated with the devices which are having windows operating systems such as Windows phones, computers, laptops, etc. The devices have SQL, ActiveSync, and internet explorer software in which offline viewing can be available by use of mobsynch.exe.

Location Of Mobsynch.Exe

Here I have described the location path for the mobsynch.exe windows 10 file on the computer.

  1. Turn on your computer
  2. Now go to This PC
  3. Click on the Local Drive C:
  4. Open the C: drive
  5. Search and Open Windows Folder
  6. Now select the System32 folder
  7. Search for the mobsync application file

Now let us see the steps to launch mobsynch.exe on your computer properly.

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Mobsynch.exe Command

There are some steps given in the following to launch the mobsynch.exe command on a computer.

  1. Turn On computer
  2. Press Windows key + R for opening the Run window
  3. Type Mobsync in the search box
  4. Press Enter to run the command
  5. A dialog will open on Sync Center

Change The Mobsynch.Exe Sync Settings

Here are the things to do for changing the mobsynch.exe settings manually. After making the following changes you will be able to sync after logon and logoff.

  1. Turn On computer
  2. Press Windows key + R for the Run window to open
  3. Type Mobsync in the search box
  4. Press Enter to run the command
  5. Sync Center will open
  6. You can see different tabs
  7. Select the Logon/Logoff tab
  8. Change the Network connection type as desired
  9. Select the options below to Manage offline choices
  10. Select/Deselect the offline files from the list 
  11. Select/Deselect offline web pages
  12. Click Apply
  13. Select OK to save settings
  14. Now restart the PC to apply the changes properly

Let us see the process for disabling the mobsynch.exe on a windows computer.

Steps To Disable Mobsynch.exe on Windows

Below I have explained the steps for how to disable mobsynch.exe from the windows PC.

  1. Turn ON your computer
  2. Click on the Start Menu
  3. Type Mobsync in the search box
  4. Press enter to run the search
  5. Select the button to Disable offline files
  6. Click OK to save changes
  7. Now restart your personal computer to apply the changes

You can check the mob sync icon after restarting the PC and it will be disabled. This process will also stop the running of mobsynch.exe in the Task Manager application.

How To Stop Mobsynch.exe?

Let us see how to stop the mobsync file services in the following.

  1. Turn On computer
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Select Services
  4. Open Administrator Tools
  5. Look for Portable Device Enumerator Service
  6. Double click on it
  7. Select Startup Type as Manual
  8. Select the Stop button
  9. Click On OK
  10. UAC will be prompt
  11. Now select Continue to apply the changes

Is Mobsynch.exe Safe?

Mobsynch.exe is a safe application feature used for viewing different offline files on the devices linked with windows. However, some of the mobsynch.exe malware, virus, and trojans are created by hackers to affect the working of your computer. To check if the file type is virus or not you can check the symbol of the mob sync or its icon. Another way for checking it is to run an anti-virus check-up to detect mobsynch.exe viruses or bugs available on your PC.

Mobsync.exe On Mobile Devices

The Microsoft mobsynch.exe works only on specific mobile devices. On computers and laptops with windows, you will find the Microsoft Mobile Synchronization Manager. The settings can not be applied on a computer or PC from the mobile devices linked with the same Microsoft account.

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Is Mobsync Exe A Virus?

Is mobsync.exe a virus? No, it is not. The true mobsync.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called “Microsoft Sync Center”.

How Do I Turn Off Mobsync?

Disabling mobsync.exe

  1. a. Click Start, type services.
  2. b. Scroll down the page until you locate a service called Portable Device Enumerator Service, then double click on it.
  3. c. In the Portable Device Enumerator Service properties window, click General tab from the drop down menu for ‘Startup Type’ select “Disabled’.
  4. d.

What Does Microsoft Sync Center Do?

Sync Center is a feature that was introduced in Windows Vista. Its main purpose is to synchronize your files with a network server so that you always have he most updated copies when you need them.

How Do I Turn Off Offline Sync In Windows 10?

Click on Sync Center. Click the Manage offline files option from the left pane. Click the General tab. Click the Disable offline files button.

What Triggers Smartscreen?

Defending against phishing and malicious sites: SmartScreen checks the sites you visit against a dynamic list of reported phishing and malicious software sites. If it finds a match, SmartScreen displays a warning that the site has been blocked for your safety.

How Do I Stop Windows 10 From Syncing Files?

Go to Control Panel, switch its view to “Large icon” or “Small icons”, then find Sync Center and click it to open. Step 2. Click Manage offline files, then you will access the Offline Files window, it allows you to enable or disable offline files.

What Is Mobsync Exe Used For?

The genuine mobsync.exe file is a software component of Microsoft Windows Operating System by Microsoft. A synchronization utility built into Microsoft Windows, this process is activated when a Windows Phone is plugged into your PC. It primarily syncs data back and forth between your PC and mobile device.


In this article, we read about the mobsynch.exe information overall. You learn how to start the mobsync command on the computer. I explained to you how to stop the mob synchronization on a windows PC. You understood the steps for changing the mobsynch.exe settings manually. I told whether mobsynch.exe is safe or if it is a virus, malware, etc. Now you will not have any doubt in further while disabling the mobsynch.exe services on your PC.


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How do I disable Mobsync EXE

What is mobsync Exe?