What Is Neurolens?

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In an era where screens dominate our daily lives and digital devices are ubiquitous, the impact on our vision and overall comfort has become a growing concern. Amidst this technological evolution, Neurolens emerges as a revolutionary solution, offering a new perspective on vision correction to alleviate discomfort and enhance visual clarity.

What Is Neurolens?

Neurolens represents a cutting-edge advancement in lens technology designed to address symptoms associated with digital eye strain, known as Digital Vision Syndrome. This syndrome encompasses a range of symptoms including eye strain, headaches, neck pain, and discomfort experienced after prolonged screen use.

The innovation behind Neurolens lies in its capability to correct misalignments between the eyes and the brain, known as Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD). This misalignment can lead to excessive stress on the visual system, contributing to the symptoms of Digital Vision Syndrome.

How Neurolens Works?

Neurolenses are crafted with contoured prism technology, which incorporates a micro-precision prism into the lens. These prisms work to correct misalignments, reducing the effort the eyes and brain exert to maintain a single, clear image. By mitigating the strain caused by BVD, Neurolenses aim to provide more comfortable and relaxed vision, especially during extended screen time.

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Applications And Benefits

The applications of Neurolens extend beyond alleviating digital eye strain. They can benefit individuals across various settings and activities:

  • Office Workers: Professionals spending long hours in front of screens find relief from symptoms like eye strain and headaches.
  • Students: Students facing extensive screen use for study and research can experience reduced visual discomfort.
  • Drivers: Neurolenses can enhance visual comfort for drivers, especially during extended periods behind the wheel.
  • Athletes: Athletes engaging in sports requiring visual focus can experience improved visual performance.

Consultation And Customization

To harness the full benefits of Neurolens technology, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment by eye care professionals trained in identifying and diagnosing Binocular Vision Dysfunction. Following the assessment, personalized Neurolenses are prescribed based on the specific needs and visual requirements of the individual.


Neurolens represents a significant leap forward in vision correction technology, addressing the modern-day challenges associated with digital eye strain and discomfort. Its ability to correct Binocular Vision Dysfunction through precision prism technology offers individuals a chance to experience enhanced visual comfort and clarity, especially in the digital age.

As technology continues to integrate further into our daily routines, solutions like Neurolens stand as a testament to the ongoing innovation in vision care, striving to optimize visual health and comfort in an increasingly screen-centric world.


What Is The Difference Between Neurolens And Regular Lens?

To combat eye misalignment, each lens is fitted with a contoured prism that will abet the symptoms of eye misalignment, compared to regular lenses that have a standard prism that only addresses misalignment at one distance.

What Does A Neurolens Do?

What Are Neurolenses? Neurolens glasses can help correct eye misalignment and provide comfortable vision.

Does Neurolens Actually Work?

The initial reports provided by neurolens® indicated that out of 360 patients, there was a 93% success rate in reducing the symptoms associated with trigeminal dysphoria, namely a significant reduction in the amount of daily chronic headache, neck pain, and eye strain.

Why Isn’t Neurolens Covered By Insurance?

Neurolens are not discounted, as they are often classified as a medical solution and not an optical one. They are also not covered by insurance.

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