When Did Gunsmoke Go To Color?

When Did Gunsmoke Go To Color? Gunsmoke is an American television series that aired from 1955 to 1975. The show was initially broadcast in black and white, but in 1966, it made the transition to color. In this blog post, we will explore the details of when Gunsmoke went to color and the impact it had on the show.

The Transition To Color

Gunsmoke premiered on CBS in 1955 as a black and white series. At the time, color television was not yet widespread, and most shows were still being produced in black and white. However, as the technology became more widely available, networks and producers began experimenting with color production.

In 1966, Gunsmoke made the transition to color with its 11th season. The decision was made in part to keep up with the growing trend of color programming, but also to attract new viewers and refresh the show’s look. The first color episode of Gunsmoke was titled “The Jailer” and aired on September 12, 1966.

Impact On The Show

The transition to color had a significant impact on Gunsmoke. The vibrant colors added a new dimension to the show, allowing for more detailed sets, costumes, and makeup. The switch to color also enabled the show’s creators to incorporate more complex and visually striking scenes, making it more engaging for viewers.

The change in technology also had an effect on the show’s production process. Filming in color required new cameras and equipment, and the cast and crew had to adapt to new lighting techniques and color schemes. Despite these challenges, Gunsmoke continued to be a hit show, and the transition to color helped it stay relevant for many more years.


Gunsmoke’s transition to color in 1966 was a significant moment in the history of the show. The move to color was a reflection of the changing television landscape of the time, and it helped the series remain relevant and engaging for many more years. Today, Gunsmoke is remembered as a classic TV show and a trailblazer in the transition to color programming.

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