What Is Difference Between C And C++?

If you are new to the world of programming and searching for the difference between c and c++ then this is the exact place where you will find all your answers. I am going to tell what is c and c++ meaning, what are different examples of c/c++, etc. You will come to know several important points that you have never heard before related to c vs c++. So let us start with today’s topic with the difference between c and c++ without making any delay.

What’s The Difference Between C And C++?

The basic difference between c and c++ is the support of programming and functions at different levels. In these old and new versions of the programming language, the same thing you will notice is the tokens and operators. However, still in this c and c++, there are many differences but before moving to differences let us see the meaning of c and c++.

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What Is C?

C is the programming language which has been developed by the most famous Dennis Ritchie from 1969 to 1973. It supports functional programming and hence is useful for developing one by one block of the structure.

What Is C++?

The c++ is a developed language of programming by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 which also includes the prototype of the c language. This is the programing language that supports object-oriented programming.

Difference Between C And C++

Below I have described the difference between c and c++ with example program functions in detail. You will come to know about the level, inputs, functions, etc in the c and c++ languages in the following.

  1. Level

The foremost difference between c and c++ compiler functions is the level of programming.


C language is the middle level of programming. This is the old version of the structural programming language.


C++ is a high-level programming language. It is derived primarily from the C language but it is more advanced than the C.

  1. Functions

Here I have mentioned the different functions used in c and c++ below.


The difference between c# and c++ functions are scanf() and printf() in basic c language.


In C++ the functions used are Cin>> and Cout<< respectively.

  1. Inputs

Which function is used for input difference between c and c++ with example program are as follows.


C uses scanf() function for input purpose.


Whereas in C++ Cin>> function is used for input of the data.

  1. Output

The functions used in getting output from c and c++ are described below.


In the C program language, the printf() function is used to get output data.


C++ use the Cout<<function for output result.

  1. Inheritance

Let us see ss there is any difference between c++ and c# langauge inheritance.


The C language does not use any inheritance in programming. However, the C language is a subset of the C++ language.


In the C++ programming language, inheritance can be used. C++ is the superset of the C langauge.

  1. Mapping

Mapping of the data and functions is another difference between c and python c++ language programming.


The C language includes mapping of the data functions but it is difficult as well as complicated.


In C++ language the mapping of the functions and the data is done by making use of the object.

  1. Polymorphism

There is a seventh difference between java and c++ polymorphism let us see about it below.


In C no type of polymorphism is possible.


While in C++ the polymorphism concept is available to do. This is a very important function of the oops that is object-oriented programming support.

  1. Operation Overload

Which one has the operational overload in the difference between c++ and python has been described as follows.


Basic C language has no occurrence of operator overloading of any kind. Simple functions need to be used in C and no repetition can be made at the same time.


In C++ operation overloading is one of the best features and makes it better than C programming.

  1. File Extension

One of the important points of difference between c++ and java programming languages is the file extension.


In C the file is saved with the use of the .c extension at last.


The file is having extension as .cpp in the c++ program language.

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Now you just read about the difference between c and c++ in detail. I told you the important information to you pointwise of the c and c++ programming. You understood the operation overloading, inheritance, level of language, etc about the c vs c++ in this article. So you are not having any doubt related to the difference between c and c++ and you can share it easily.


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