Difference Between Squid And Octopus

Is it a confusing task to make difference between squid and octopus? Leave the worries aside because today I am going to tell you all the important points related to octopus vs squid. I will describe various things that help us to differentiate between squid and octopus easily. So get your seat and read the interesting facts about the difference between squid and octopus.

What’s The Difference Between Squid And Octopus?

Even if squid and octopus belong to the Cephalopoda class there is a difference between squid and octopus. Both will look similar due to similar shapes but if observed properly they have different wings and tentacles. However, the difference is not limited to the shape other major things are also on the list that has to be noticed carefully. 

Further, I will describe the differences between the number of tentacles/arms in the octopus and squid. So let us first begin with what’s the difference between a squid and an octopus meaning below.

What Is Squid?

A squid is an aquatic animal having a triangular-shaped head with two fins on it. The squid belongs to the class of Cephalopods and superorder Decapodiformes having eight arms.

What Is Octopus?

Octopus is the water creature from the cephalopods class having a round head. This has a soft body and has beaked mouth and is from the Octopodiformes superorder due to eight arms.

Difference Between Squid And Octopus

Here I have described what is the difference between squid and octopus in detail. You will come to know what are important things to be noticed such as octopus vs squid size, body, tentacles, etc.

  1. Size

The first important difference between octopus and squid is their size.


The size of the big squid is around 13 meters. However, the average squid has a size of about 60 cm.


Octopus has a size in the range of 1 centimeter to 5 meters.

  1. Body

The answer to the question what is the difference between a squid and an octopus body is mentioned below.


The giant squid has a soft body but it has a special rigid structure called a pen. This is also known as the flexible backbone of squid.


Octopus has a soft body similar to snails but they do not have a stiff body like squid. The body of the octopus is small as compared to its brain in ratio distribution.

  1. Tentacles

The difference between squid and octopus tentacles is one of the important points to be noted.


Squid have eight arms and two more tentacles that help them in hunting their prey.


Octopus has eight tentacles only and they catch small aquatic animals from the seafloor.

  1. Habitation

After seeing the difference between squid and octopus tentacle arms let us also know about their habitation.


The squids are found in the sea and salty waters from the tropic zone to the temperate zone in open oceans.


Octopus are living mainly near the sea bed and bottom of the oceans. Also they habitat themselves in the dens of the seafloor to hide.

  1. Species

The number of species of squid vs octopus is very close as mentioned in the following.


In squid, there are around 298 various species.


There are about 300 different species of octopus.

  1. Food

Let us see what the difference between squid and octopus food is there in general below.


The difference between squid and octopus taste of food is fish and shrimp.


Octopus likes to eat the crustaceans that are mainly found in the sea bed.

  1. Lifespan

Let us read about the difference between squid and octopus age and lifespan further.


Squids live life for around nine months to five years.


Octopus lives short life as compared to squid about one to three years of lifespan.

  1. Special Feature

Here we will see which is better squid or octopus by reading their special features.


Squid use jet propulsion just like octopuses but having extra tentacles helps them catch the prey easily. They release a toxic substance and form a death cloud which is a special difference between squid and octopus intelligence and brain.


Octopus can also use the camouflage feature to hide in rocks and sea beddings. They use the same dangerous venom to paralyze the prey while hunting. The saliva of the octopus is also harmful as it tenderized the flesh very easily due to high toxicity.



In today’s article, we discussed the difference between squid and octopus in detail. I told you points related to the body, size, arms, habitation, etc of squid and octopus. You learned new things while reading the pointwise difference between octopus and squid. All your doubts are cleared and now you can easily share the difference between squid and octopus with anyone in the future.

By Altaf